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Sue Tompkins

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Born 1971, Leighton Buzzard; Lives in Glasgow

Forthcoming and Current Exhibitions


'Evening of Performances', David Roberts Art Foundation, London (Group, 15/10/2015)

Selected Solo Exhibitions


'Ashley Paul / Olan Stephens / Ben Pritchard (trio) + Sue Tompkins (solo) + Ben Pritchard (solo)', Cafe Oto, London

'Before After', YOUNG TEAM, London


'Zog, I’m Not Over Today', Galerie Micky Schubert, Berlin

'dug nature', Inverleith House, Edinburgh (Part of GENERATION 2014)

'Space-Time: The Future', Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge (performance of Orange Brainwash Tribute)

356 S. Mission Road, Los Angeles (performance of Orange Brainwash Tribute)

'Tramway Performance Programme', Tramway, Glasgow (Part of GENERATION 2014)

Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow (performance (Glasgow International))

'Orange Brainwash Tribute', BBC Scotland, Glasgow (performance (Glasgow International)

'Letherin through the grille', White Columns, New York (performance)

'Come to Ozark', Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow ((Glasgow International))


'Expressions', The Modern Institute, Aird's Lane, Glasgow

Portland Museum of Modern Art (PMOMA), Portland (curated by Chris Johanson and Kristan Kennedy, for 2013 Time-Based Art Festival, PICA)

'Skype Wont Do', Diana Stigter, Amsterdam


'Its chiming in Normaltown', Midway Contemporary Art, Minneapolis (Live Performance “LL Bedrock”)

'Country Grammar', 22:37, Bungenäs, Gotland (

'SEA DEEP', Galerie Micky Schubert, Berlin


'My Kind Book', Dia Art Foundation, New York (Web based project: online book

The Modern Institute, Osborne Street, Glasgow

Inverleith House, Edinburgh (with Claude Cahun)

'Hallo Welcome to Keith Street', Inverleith House, Edinburgh (Performance)


'Hallo Welcome to Keith Street', Ocean Front at Collins Park between 21st and 22nd Streets, Miami Beach (Performance Presented by Art Basel Miami Beach and Creative Time In Partnership with Tramway)

mima Soundspace, Middlesbrough


'Salute to the Dataday', Contemporary Art Museum, St. Louis


'Apple', The Showroom, London (Performance Country Grammar, available to view at <>)

'Grease: Transfer', Spike Island, Bristol (live performance; with Hayley Tompkins)

'More Cola Wars', Diana Stigter, Amsterdam


The Modern Institute/Toby Webster Ltd, Glasgow

'Hayley Tompkins and Sue Tompkins', Andrew Kreps Gallery, New York

'Spike Island', Bristol (café design commission with Hayley Tompkins, in collaboration with Caruso St John Architects)


'Elephants Galore', opening, Scottish Pavillion (live performance; Selective Memory)

'In the zone of your eyes', West London projects, London (two person show/live performance with Hayley Tompkins)

'On Stage', Galerie Giti Nourbaksch, Berlin (live performance with Jamie Isenstein, Sean Landers, Charlemagne Palestine)

'When it broke', ArtForum Berlin, Giti Nourbaksch Gallery (two person show with Hayley Tompkins)


Kunstrai Art Fair, Diana Stigter Gallery, Amsterdam (Live Performance)

Solo presentation and performance, Rheinschau Art Cologne Projects

Rheinschau Art Cologne Projects, Cologne (Solo presentation and performance)

'Feast of Silenus', Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh (live performance)

'Live Performance', Museum of Garden History, London (in association with the Sonic Arts Network and Resonance FM)

'Midwest Casinos', Manchester (live performance)

'More Cola Wars', Switchspace, Glasgow (live performance)


'Country Grammar', doggerfisher, Edinburgh

'Northern Grammar', Stavanger Kulturhus, Norway


'Solo', The Modern Institute/Toby Webster Ltd, Glasgow


'Evil Eye', Glasgow Independent Studios (with Hayley Tompkins)


'Sounds of Grass', Transmission, Glasgow (with Hayley Tompkins)

Selected Group Exhibitions


'The Spirit of the Staircase', Sunday Painter, London

'The Grass is Singing', Mendes Wood DM, São Paulo

Galerie Micky Schubert, Berlin (Performance)

'I want to be. Inside Out.', MOT International, Brussels


'Cacophony of Things', Temporary Gallery, Cologne (Performance of World Wah!, March 11, 2015)

'I’m Yours', The Modern Institute at Standard (OSLO), Oslo

'Stereo’s 7th Birthday Party!', Stereo, Glasgow

'Itself Not So', Lisa Cooley Gallery, New York (curated by Rachel Valinsky)

'Contort Yourself', Kayne Griffin Corcoran, Los Angeles (curated by The Modern Institute)

'Let the Day Perish', Hospitalfield Arts, Arbroath (Part of GENERATION 2014 (with Fiona Jardine))

'GENERATION: 25 Years of Contemporary Art in Scotland', Scottish National Gallery, Edinburgh

SALTS, Basel, Switzerland

'Discordia', Patricia Fleming Projects, Glasgow (Part of GENERATION 2014)

'In NO time', The Modern Institute, Osborne Street, Glasgow

'Semiotics of the Kitchen; What Happened After', Stigter van Doesburg, Amsterdam

'Return Journey', Mostyn, Lladudno


Rönnells Antikvariat, Stockholm (Live Performance ‘Letherin through the grille’)

'Composing through Words', Het Veem Theater, Amsterdam

'House Music', Broompark Drive, Glasgow (Live Performance ‘My Forrest Gump’)

'Out Of Doors', Supplement Gallery, London (Laura Aldridge, Hayley Tompkins, Sue Tompkins)

'Repertory', Palazzo Cavour, Turin (curated by Gary Carrion-Murayari, by invitation of Artissima)

'Artifacts of A Life Lived By the Living ( To Live )', The Craft and Folk Art Museum, Los Angeles

'Ian Hamilton Finlay Weekend', Arnolfini, Bristol (‘My Dataday’)

'40/40', Glasgow Print Studio, Glasgow

'Analogue Other', Poor Farm, Manawa

'Public Address: HELLO, CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?', Queen’s Park Railway Club, Glasgow (Live Performance ‘Smallland’)

'Laura Aldridge, Sara Barker, Sue Tompkins', Shane Campbell Gallery, Lincoln Park, Chicago

'In Praise Of Shadows', Charlton Bond Building, Newcastle (Live performance)

'Grow Fins, Salute the Captain', The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow (Live performance ‘More Windows’)

'six memos for the next…', Magazin4, Bregenzer Kunstverein, Bregenz

'Words to be Spoken Aloud', Turner Contemporary, Margate (Festival)


'OO', Misako & Rosen, Tokyo (curated by Rob Halverson / C-o-o-l Art)

'Last Chance', SWG3, Glasgow

'Now Here is also Nowhere', Henry Art Gallery, University of Washington, Seattle

'And If It Was It Can’t Be Is', Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge (Art and Music Festival, Live Performance “LL Bedrock”)

'The Medium is the Message: Words in printmaking since the 1960s', Glasgow Print Studio, Glasgow (curated by Ben Harman)

'Neu!Reekie!', The Scottish Book Trust, Edinburgh (Live perfomance ‘More Windows’)


'Film and performance: The Voice Is A Language', Tate Modern, London (Live Performance ‘My Dataday’)

'Patricia Fleming Projects - Everything Flows', Queen’s Park Railway Club, Glasgow (Live Performance ‘More Windows’ 21 April 2012)


'MakeUp', A Palazzo Gallery, Brescia

'To Pay Respect to the Generosity of The 3 Minute Punk-Rock Song', Crate Project Space, Margate

'Underwood', Galerie 1900-2000, Paris

'Works on paper and other works', Project Room, Glasgow

'British Art Show 7: In The Days Of The Comet', Plymouth Arts Centre, Plymouth (Performance)

'The Waste Land', Tranzitdisplay, Prague (includes Performance 11/10/11)

'A Bee crawling around in the flower dome', The Hole, London (Performance: 8.30 - 8.55 pm)

'Flaca/Tom Humphreys', Portikus, Frankfurt

'British Art Show 7: In The Days Of The Comet', Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow (Performance: Hallo Welcome to Keith Street (A Version) 2pm)

'Dirty Literature', National Portrait Gallery, London (Performance)

'An Exhibition to hear read', David Robert Arts Foundation Fitzrovia, London

'The Queen of Sciences', Dek 22, Rotterdam

'Free Poems', Podium, Oslo

'British Art Show 7: ‘In The Days Of The Comet’', Hayward Gallery, London (Performance: Hallo Welcome to Keith Street)


'British Art Show 7: In The Days Of The Comet', Nottingham Castle, Nottingham (Performance)

'Speak and Spell', COCO (Contemporary Concerns), Vienna (Performance)

'Loot! the art swapmeet', High Desert Test Sites HQ, Joshua Tree, California

Common Guild, Glasgow (Performance (part of Robert Bary exhibition))

Podium, Oslo

'São Paulo Biennale', Sao Paolo Biennale, Sao Paolo

'Be Glad For The Song Has No End - A Festival of Artists’ Music', Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge (Performance)

Milton Keynes Gallery, Milton Keynes (Performance)

'A Theatre to Address - A Festival of Textual Form - Concrete, Material, Scripted, Performed', Arnolfini, Bristol (Performance)

Whitechapel, London (Performance)

'On Publications, Portraits, Public Art and Performance', The Modern Institute/Toby Webster Ltd, Glasgow

'The Voice is a Language', Tramway, Glasgow

'Fizz Up and Dissolve', The Project Rooms, Glasgow


'TONITE', The Modern Institute/Toby Webster Ltd, Glasgow

'Blank Tape Spillage Fete 2009', Cecil Sharp House, London

'HEAVEN', Athens Biennale, Athens

'Inverleith House', Edinburgh, Cardiff (with Hayley Tompkins)

'Poor. Old. Tired. Horse.', ICA, London

'Sculpture Show', Eastside Projects, Birmingham

'The First Stop on the Super Highway', Nam June Paik Art Center, Seoul, Korea


Shane Campbell, Oak Park

'A Time to Play', APT Web Gallery (

'Behind', Monitor Gallery, Rome

'Gut of the Quantifier', Lisa Cooley Gallery, New York

'Niemand bedarf der Bedürftigen - No one needs the needy', Sandra Buergel Gallery, Berlin

'r e p ’ e . t ’ t i on', Sorcha Dallas, Glasgow

'TYPED', Sadie Coles HQ, London

'Wollust - The Presence of Absence', Columbus Art Foundation, Leipzig

'Word Event', Kunsthalle Basel, Basel


'Bare Words', Lautom Contemporary, Oslo

'Country Grammar', Project Space, Leeds (live performance)

'End of Burning/Brennschluss', Galerie Andreas Huber, Vienna

'In the poem about love you don’t write the word love', Overgaden, Copenhagen (live performance)

'In the poem about love you don’t write the word love', Midway Contemporary Art, Minneapolis (live performance)

'Learn to Read', Tate Modern, London

'Re-Mission', Torstrasse 140, Berlin

'Untitled – Works on Paper', Art:Concept, Paris

'Whenever It Starts It Is The Right Time', Frankfurter Kunstverein, Frankfurt


Beck's Futures, ICA (nominee; CCA offsite, Glasgow; Arnolfini offsite, Bristol)

'Attitude', c/o - Atle Gerhardsen, Berlin

'BMAC', Blackpool (live performance)

'Death And The Compass', FOUR, Dublin

'Flaca Gallery', London (with Karla Black and Sally Osborn)

'Grease', Tate Britain, London (Art Now Live Work: Rory Macbeth, Joanne Tatham and Tom O’Sullivan, and Sue Tompkins; <>)

'If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be part of your revolution', De Appel, Amsterdam

'In the poem about love you don’t write the word love', Artists Space, New York

'Satellites', Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, New York

'The Three Cities: Berlin, Milan, London', The Warehouse/ Bethnal Green, London (live performance)

'Try Again. Fail Again. Fail Better.', Momentum 2006, 4th Nordic Festival of Contemporary Art

'Writing in Strobe', Dicksmith Gallery, London

'You always say no to Ibitha', Alexandre Pollazzon Ltd, London

'Youth of Today', Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt


'Art is where the heart is (part 2)', Kunstenaarsinitiatief Paraplufabriek, Nijmegen

'Dealing kindly with insects in the home', Jack Hanley Gallery, San Francisco

'Elephants Galore’ (live performance), ‘In the poem about love you don’t write the word love', CCA, Glasgow

'Herald St. and The Modern Institute', Gavin Brown's enterprise, New York

'Radiance', Sorcha Dallas, Glasgow


Switchspace, Glasgow Art Fair

'Country Grammar', Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow

'Group show', Rennes, France (with Transmission Gallery)

'Haute Street', Diana Stigter, Amsterdam (with Scott Myles and Alan Michael)


Galerie Krinzinger, Vienna

Transmission stand, Frieze Art Fair

'Be Dear Crazy Loud', Flourish Nights, Glasgow (a performance with Luke Fowler and P6)

'Contemporary Abstraction', Glasgow Print Studio, Glasgow


'Circles 4 One Fo(u)r One', ZKM Museum for Contemporary Art, Karlsruhe (with Elizabeth Go)

'October', St. Vincent Street, Glasgow (Curated by Karla Black and Katie Exley)


'Avalon', The Changing Room, Stirling (with Sue Tompkins)

'Film Club', Glasgow (with Elizabeth go; curated by Scott Myles)

'Film Club 2', Vilma Gold, London (with Elizabeth Go; curated by David Thorpe)

'Tonight', The Modern Institute/Toby Webster Ltd, Glasgow


'Faces and Names', performance as part of Education in Reverse, The Corinthian (with Hayley Tompkins)

'Fields and Rays and Green Numbers', The Pinapple, Malmö

'Love, Speed, Thrills', Manchester Metropolitan University (with Elizabeth Go)

'Museum-a-go-go', Glasgow Project Room, Glasgow

'Where the Wild Roses Grow, Anti War - You Take it From my Heart', Transmission, Glasgow (with Elizabeth Go)

'White Bear zz', Roslea Drive, Glasgow (With Scott Myles, Alan Micheal and Sue Tompkins)

'You are an Orange Orchid', performance for Radio Tuesday at the B.U.F.F. Club, Glasgow (with Sue Tompkins)


'Floatina Happiness', Tramway, Glasgow (with Elizabeth Go; Host)

'Various Artists', East Kilbride Arts Centre, Glasgow


'Art ‘97', Transmission Gallery at the Business Design Centre, Islington

'Hit ‘em With This Antoinette', Catalyst Arts, Belfast (Elizabeth Go performance at ‘Satellite City’)

'Wetness into Music', Wilkes, Glasgow

'You Show Me The DF Every Night You Show Me The DF You Show Me', NGCA, Sunderland (Elizabeth Go performance at ‘Connected’)


'Art for people', Transmission, Glasgow

'Artists’ Multiples', Collective Gallery, Edinburgh

'Brainmail', Studio 17, CalArts

'Life/Live', ARC Museé d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, Paris

'Transmissions', Gallery Free Parking, Toronto

'World of Ponce', Southpark, Glasgow

'Young Black Italian/Garage in Yellow', Leighton Buzzard


'Look! Nuovo Miti', Wilkes, Glasgow (with Hayley Tompkins)



Paul Hamlyn Award