Alex Dordoy

Born 1985, Newcastle; Lives in London.


2011 MFA/Residency, De Ateliers
2007 BA(Hons) Painting/Printmaking, Glasgow School of Art
2005 Undergraduate Exchange, California Institute of the Arts

Current & Forthcoming

2024 ‘Self-Portraits’, GRIMM, New York

Solo Exhibitions

2024 ‘Prepositions’, The Modern Institute, 3 Aird's Lane, Glasgow
2022 ‘Answering Machine’, GRIMM, London
  ‘Monster’, GRIMM, Amsterdam
2021 ‘The Weather Channel’, The Modern Institute, 14–20 Osborne Street, Glasgow
2020 ‘Ruin is Rune’, GRIMM, New York
2018 ‘Summer’s Ego’, GRIMM, Amsterdam
2017 ‘The Moss is Dreaming (Curated by Tom Morton)’, BlainSouthern, London
  ‘From Svalbard Soil’, The Modern Institute, 14–20 Osborne Street, Glasgow
2015 ‘Model T’, The Modern Institute, 3 Aird's Lane, Glasgow
2014 ‘Sleepwalker’, Gemeentemuseum, Den Haag
  ‘persistencebeatsresistance’, Inverleith House, Edinburgh
2013 ‘I'd planned a cloud but it took me by surprise’, ReMap4, Athens
  ‘Caster and Krast Crack Autumn’, GRIMM, Amsterdam
2012 Christian Andersen, Copenhagen
  The Modern Institute, 14–20 Osborne Street, Glasgow
2011 ‘Demoscene’, Hochstrasse 45, Berlin (With Neil Clements)
  ‘Psychopomp Counsel’, De Ateliers, Amsterdam
  Upstairs at The Modern Institute Osborne Street, Glasgow
2010 ‘Pirates’, GRIMM, Amsterdam
  ‘Young Scottish Painters’, Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh
2009 ‘Winner’, The Modern Institute/Toby Webster Ltd, Glasgow
2008 ‘New Work Scotland’, Collective Gallery, Edinburgh
  ‘Black Aspirin’, Glasgow Project Room, Glasgow (with Neil Clements)
2007 ‘When We Say Dive, We Mean Straight Down’, Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow
2006 ‘No Mans Land’, Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow
2005 ‘Reasons to Worry’, CalArts, Los Angeles (A405 gallery)

Group Exhibitions

2022 ‘High Voltage 3’, Nassima Landau, Tel Aviv
  ‘Off the Beaten Track’, Baton Gallery, Seoul
2021 ‘All Eyes | We are the collection’, Akzo Nobel Art Foundation, Amsterdam
  ‘Inaugural exhibition’, GRIMM, New York
2020 ‘Im Frage’, Museum Valkhof, Nijmegen
2019 ‘Away in the Hill’, GRIMM, New York
2018 ‘Doodle & Disegno’, BlainSouthern, Berlin
2017 ‘Future Eaters’, Monash University Museum of Art , Caulfield East
2016 ‘I still believe in miracles’, Inverleith House, Edinburgh
  ‘What's Up’, Soho Revue and Union Club, London
  ‘Use/User/Used’, Zabludowicz Collection, London
2015 ‘Office Space’, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco
  ‘Crab Walk’, Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art, Sunderland
  ‘WINTERMUTE’, GRIMM, Amsterdam
  ‘Against Automatism’, Jessica Silverman Gallery, San Francisco
  ‘Breakin’ Up Is Hard to Do’, KARST, Plymouth
  ‘THE NOING UV IT’, Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen
2014 ‘A Merman Should I Turn to Be’, Laura Bartlett Gallery, London
  ‘GENERATION: 25 Years of Contemporary Art in Scotland’, Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh
2013 ‘DOES THE IT FIT’, Stephenson Works, Sussex Street, Newcastle (Milk and Silk, part of DOES THE IT FIT, curated by Joanne Tatham & Tom O'Sullivan)
  ‘Batman-Elektronik’, Mikael Andresen, Berlin (curated by Fritz Bornstück & Ernst Markus Stein)
  ‘Traces of Life’, Wentrup, Berlin (curated by Ariel-Roger Paris)
  ReMap4, Athens
2012 ‘A House Leaves: Second Movement’, David Roberts Art Foundation, London
  ‘Recent British painting’, GRIMM, Amsterdam (Curated by Tom Morton)
  Art Brussels, Brussels
  ‘Into the Surface’, Brand New Gallery, Milan
2011 ‘Look With All Your Eyes, Look’, Frith Street Gallery, London
  ‘Picasso in Paris, 1900-1907’, Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam (Touring to Museu Picasso, Barcelona)
  ‘Psychopomp Counsel, Offspring’, De Ateliers, Amsterdam
2010 ‘What You See is Where You’re at’, Modern One, Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh
2009 Generator Projects, Dundee
2008 ‘Neil Clements - Alex Dordoy - Morag Keil’, GRIMM, Amsterdam
  ‘Hell-o from Hell-a’, Norma Desmond Productions, Los Angeles
  ‘Autarchy’, SWG3, Glasgow
  ‘Art LA’, Los Angeles (with The Modern Institute/Toby Webster Ltd., Glasgow)
2007 Degree Show, Glasgow School of Art
  ‘Natural Geographic’, Los Angeles (Norma Desmond Productions)
2006 ‘Panoptican Event’, The Panoptican, Glasgow



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Exhibition Reviews

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2021 WE ARE THE COLLECTION, Akzo Nobel Art Foundation, Amsterdam
2020 Im Frage, Museum Het Valkhof, Nijmegen
2019 BUCOLIC STOP, School Gallery, Folkestone
2017 Future Eaters, Monash University Museum of Art, Australia
  I aint the noing uv it im jus onle the showing uv it, Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen
2012 Alex Dordoy, The Modern Institute/Toby Webster Ltd, Glasgow

Exhibition Publications

2008 Neil Clements – Alex Dordoy – Morag Keil, Grimm Fine Art, Amsterdam