Andrew J. Greene


2011 B.F.A., School of the Art Institute

Current & Forthcoming

2022 ‘Hope’, The Modern Institute, 14—20 Osborne Street, Glasgow

Solo Exhibitions

2019 ‘Unconditional Surrender’, The Modern Institute, Aird's Lane Bricks Space
2016 ‘Big Apple logistics’, Tomorrow, New York
  ‘Make New York Better’, 83 Pitt Street, New York
2015 ‘Tuesday Morning’, U.S. Blues, New York (with Daniel Sullivan)
  ‘Victory Blindness’, Muscle Beach, Portland
2014 ‘Brisas Del Mar’, Michael Thibault, Los Angeles
2013 ‘Dog With Fleas, Christening for a Cat’, Bed-Stuy Love Affair, New York

Group Exhibitions

2021 ‘I Know Where I'm Going • Who Can I Be Now’, The Modern Institute, 14—20 Osborne Street, Glasgow
2019 ‘Andrew J. Greene, Madeline Hollander, Asha Schechter’, Sweetwater, Berlin
2018 ‘An Art Exhibition’, The Midwestern Society for Arts & Crafts, Detroit
2016 ‘Mean Machine (Up Jumped the Devil)’, The Meeting, New York (Curated by Bill Cournoyer)
2015 ‘Great Depression’, Balice Hertling, Paris (Curated by Romain Dauriac)
  ‘Playing Pool with Eggs’, Galerie Bernhard, Zurich (Curated by Tobias Spichtig)
  ‘Monday Me’, Soccer Club Club, Chicago, Drag City (Curated by Kristen Van Deventer)
  ‘Clorox/Envy’, The Still House Group, New York (Curated by Miles Huston)
  ‘The Subjects of the Artist’, Michael Thibault, Los Angeles (Curated by Alex Bacon)
2014 ‘Seau Banco Carbon’, Bed-Stuy Love Affair, New York, Tomorrow Gallery, New York (Curated by Bed-Stuy Love Affair and Bobby Jesus)
  ‘173 East 94th Street / Chaussée de Waterloo 550’, Middlemarch, Brussels (Curated by Alex Bacon, in collaboration with Paul Kasmin Gallery)
  ‘Little Nassau’, Little Nassau, New York
2013 ‘Turnkey of Forever After’, Bed-Stuy Love Affair, New York
  ‘It-Thou’, Michael Thibault, Los Angeles
2012 ‘Warm’, SIGNAL, New York (curated by Nina Culotta and Kathleen Hefty)
  ‘two coffees, two brandies’, Denniston Hill, New York (Curated by Carlos Reyes)
2011 ‘Painted’, The Green Gallery, Milwaukee (Curated by Tyson Reeder)
  ‘Untitled Document’, Tony Wight Gallery, Chicago (Curated by John Henderson)
  ‘Irritable Abstraction’, Julius Caesar Gallery, Chicago (Curated by Suzanne Doremus)
2010 ‘Television City Dream’, Apartment Show New York

Curatorial Projects

2016 ‘Bad Faith’, James Fuentes, New York (Artists: Nayland Blake, Jessica Diamond, Peter Halley, Robert Morris)
2014 ‘Bad Influence’, Michael Thibault, Los Angeles (Artists: Gretchen Bender, Ashley Bickerton, Wim Delvoye, Jonathan Lasker)
2012 ‘Sculpture Garden’, The Poor Farm, Waupaca (Artists: Darja Bajagic, Ali Bailey, David Flaugher, Bradley Kronz, Jared Madere, Win McCarthy, Sarah Sieradzki, Daniel Sullivan, Will Stewart, Kristen Van Deventer)



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2020 Unconditional Surrender, The Modern Institute/Toby Webster Ltd, Glasgow