Gregor Wright ‘Dinosaur Expert I'm Feeling Lucky’

Gregor Wright, Somewhere Other Suns Are Setting, 2014, Clay, paint, rubble, styrofoam, expanding foam, mixed media, Dimensions variable, Installation view, 'Dinosaur Expert I’m Feeling Lucky', CCA, Glasgow, 2014
CCA, Glasgow

Gregor Wright is an artist based in Glasgow. His work is informed by a variety of interests including science fiction narratives, early computer games, gambling culture, philosophy of mind and “a passing interest in the occult”. These interests, linked by the premises of chance, logic and fantasy, also guide the artist’s approach to making work, acting as indirect conditions for the production of paintings, sculpture, relief and installation. The result is a focused experimentation with materials and an expansive practice which explores meaning in relationship to colour, objects and external influences.

Wright’s work is often entirely abstract, combining line, colour and space with occasional representational references. As the title suggests, he is concerned with unsystematic processes typified by the notion of ‘luck’, exploring how ideas of chance and control might function within his compositions. At the same time, Wright is open to historical and formal triggers and many of his works are decisively planned and wrought.

In recent months, Wright has been working in a vast temporary studio space within an empty Victorian office complex on Buchanan Street in Glasgow, allowing his working process to spread out along a long corridor of rooms. For this show, Wright will present a new group of works borne out of this work space; life-sized foam figures, clay sculptures, dinosaurs, wall drawings, sculptural paintings and rubble; a prolific output of works exploring extinction, destruction, perception and intention.