Gregor Wright ‘Gravity Blues’

Installation view, 'Gravity Blues', Upstairs at The Modern Institute Osborne Street, Glasgow, 2012
Upstairs at The Modern Institute Osborne Street, Glasgow

The Modern Institute is delighted to present Gravity Blues an exhibition of new work by Gregor Wright. The exhibition which includes paintings, drawings and sculpture continues Wright’s enquiry into the activity of producing art, which he does by working intuitively with ideas and materials. Wright is interested in how the components of every day experience function, the mechanics of how ideas are communicated and how meaning is formed.

His paintings create a sense of impossible space, built using a canon of motifs and references, they have been described as combining a “strange synthesis [of] oppositions and sophisticated improvisations whose naivety is beautifully academic.” Equally Wrights’ drawings seem to hover between representation and abstraction, fusing drawn elements that are diagrammatic and almost familiar, to build a sense of space and depth within the picture plane. Works seem to record a moment of near destruction. Chaotic and fractured planes appear to be at odds with each other, the work gives a sense of functioning close to the point of it’s own collapse.

In the work Shapeshifter, Wright has transformed the attitude of his drawings into this sculpture. Using commonplace materials including polystyrene insulation, tiles, and linoleum and wood, he has cut, painted and placed these familiar elements together to create an object that is a balanced tension; but like the drawings vulnerable to collapse.