Marco Giordano

Blown glass, plexiglass, water , speakers, amplifier, diffusers
100 cm diameter

Living inorganic materials, flourishing plants that reclaim space, synthetic sounds that grow into natural. Marco Giordano’s research calls for a repositioning of the subject starting from the Other, advancing a dissolution of the hierarchies that enhance human exceptionalism.

Interlude is a site-specific installation designed specifically for the Cisterne del Pianello in San Marino, fifteenth-century underneath tanks used for the storage of rainwater. The installation consists of a series of glass sculptures that stand on a luminous Plexiglas basin containing water. The sculptures constantly emit steam, while an audio track reverberates through the spaces of the cisterns, acting as an amplifier. The installation advocates a reflection on the sea as an osmotic exchange platform, evoking the union between abyss, surface and sky.

Made with the ancient technique of the glass blowing on a plaster cast, the sculptures are produced in a center specialized in crystal processing in Colle di Val d’Elsa in Tuscany (Italy). The quality and delicate colors of the glass enhance the indefiniteness of the shape which, thanks to the continuous transit of the steam, seems to be in constant evolution.

By placing the installation in the center of a dimly lit environment, Giordano invites visitors to a perceptual loss by stimulating a feeling of suspension and oblivion.

The audio track consists of a poetic text written by Giordano and interpreted by the artist Francesco Venturi concerning the encounter between water and air in a permanent transformative exchange.