Richard Wright
‘Glass works’

Richard Wright, No Title, 2015, Leaded glass, 460 x 174 cm 181.1 x 68.5 in
Leaded glass
460 x 174 cm 181.1 x 68.5 in

In the elliptical gallery in Rome, Wright has replaced each of three five-meter-tall,
south-facing windows with twelve evenly sized leaded-glass panels. Two of the
windows are clear, colourless glass, while in the third he has experimented with
colour for the first time.

Generated from an intensive preparatory process of physical composition that
involves drawing and folding on a 1:1 scale, each panel comprises hundreds of
handmade geometric glass elements that vary in transparency and texture. Each
angled section is framed in lead, building into a field of staggeringly complex
rhythms. And through these rhythmic matrices, daylight streams, filling the gallery
with its celestial and ephemeral presence.