Simon Periton

Born 1964, Kent; Lives in London.


1990 St. Martin's School of Art

Solo Exhibitions

2018 ‘YOUR WAR, MY LOVE’, GS Artists, Swansea
2015 ‘Multiple Store at Canary Wharf’, One Canada + Jubilee Park, London
  ‘Celestial Agriculture’, New Art Centre Sculpture Park & Gallery, Salisbury
2013 ‘The Rose Engine’, The Modern Institute, 14—20 Osborne Street, Glasgow
2011 ‘Simon Periton and Alan Kane, The Asbo Mystery Play and other public works’, Sadie Coles HQ, London (69 South Audley Street)
  ‘Simon Periton and Alan Kane, The Gild The Lily Flies’, Sadie Coles HQ, London (9 Balfour Mews)
2009 ‘Spirits of Salt’, Sadie Coles HQ, London
2008 ‘A Rabble of Butterflies’, Galerist, Istanbul
2007 The Modern Institute/Toby Webster Ltd, Glasgow
  ‘Back to Nature’, Sadie Coles HQ, London
  ‘Sordid Sentimental’, Vacio 9, Madrid
2005 ‘The Penis Mightier than the Sword’, Karyn Lovegrove Gallery, Los Angeles
  ‘Simon Periton’, Peter Pears Gallery, Aldeburgh
2004 ‘Street’, Changing Role Gallery, Naples
  ‘The Edge of the World’, Sadie Coles HQ, London
  ‘Ragamuffin’, Vacio 9, Madrid
2003 ‘Flag’, Henry Moore Institute, Leeds
  ‘Mint Poisoner’, Inverleith House, Edinburgh
  ‘Snip Riot Omen’, The Modern Institute/Toby Webster Ltd, Glasgow
  ‘Premonitions’, Gorney Bravin
2002 ‘Virginia Creeper (Parthenocissus Quinquefolia)’, collaboration with Raf Simons, Paris
2001 ‘Simon Periton’, Galerist, Istanbul
  ‘Cold warmed up’, Sadie Coles HQ, London
2000 ‘Argy Bharji’, Karyn Lovegrove Gallery, Los Angeles
  Statements Booth, Basel Art Fair
1999 ‘Barroquade, Simon Periton’, foyer project at the Hayward Gallery, London
1998 Camden Arts Centre, London
1997 British Council Window Gallery, Prague
  Habitat, Kings Road (with David Thorpe)
  ‘Dandeliceum’, Sadie Coles HQ, London
  Skinner's Cage, London
1994 ‘Strange Spectacle’, Gallerie 217, Sportsverbande (with Alan Kane)
1993 ‘Weekender’, Caledonia Street, London (with Alan Kane)
  ‘Gild the Lily’, E1, London (with Alan Kane)
1992 Bipasha Ghosh, London
1991 ‘Hope Project’, Frieze Art Fair, London (with Georgie Hopton)
  ‘Olde World’, The Caraway Installation, Butlers Wharf (with Georgie Hopton)
  ‘Seeds of Hope’, Wilson Hale, London (with Georgie Hopton)

Group Exhibitions

2019 ‘On Paper’, Gallery Oldham, Oldham
  ‘Alan Kane’s 4 Bed Detached Home of Metal’, The New Art Gallery Walsall
2018 ‘Frieze Sculpture 2018’, Regent's Park, London
2016 ‘The Peculiar People’, Focal Point Gallery, Essex
  ‘Uncommon Chemistry’, Observer Building, Hastings
2014 ‘Regenerate Art’, Kunstverein Munchen, Germany (with Alan Kane)
  ‘5 Pancras Square’, Swiss Cottage Gallery, London
  ‘Return Journey’, Mostyn, Lladudno
2012 Artpace, San Antonio (Dikeou Collection / Artpace exhibition swap)
  ‘Red, White and Blue’, CHELSEA space, London
2011 ‘Made in the UK: Contemporary Art from the Richard Brown Baker Collection’, Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence
  ‘The Hepworth Wakefield: A Celebration Backbone: Modern British Sculptors’, New Art Centre Sculpture Park & Gallery, Salisbury
2010 ‘Undone: Making and Unmaking in Contemporary Sculpture’, Henry Moore Institute, Leeds
  ‘The Term (Reality)’, Paul Stolper, London
  ‘The Dark Monarch: Magic and Modernity in British Art’, Towner Gallery, Eastbourne
  ‘E&K Arts Launch Collection’, Sotheby's, London ('the exhibition')
2009 ‘The Dark Monarch’, Tate St Ives, Cornwall
  ‘Love Me or Fuck Me but don't do both’, Flowers, London
  ‘Scherenschnitte – Kontur pur’, Museum Bellerive, Zurich
2008 ‘London Calling’, Grusenmeyer Art Gallery, Deurle, Belgium
  ‘Three by Three (3)’, Sunbury House, London
  ‘The Dark Monarch’, Tate St Ives, Cornwall
2007 ‘Effigies’, Modern Art, London
  ‘Wunschwelten’, Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt
2006 ‘Paper’, Platform 3, London
  ‘Sarah & Simon’, Platform 3, London
2005 ‘Ideal Worlds: New Romanticism in Contemporary Art’, Schirn Kunsthalle, Zurich
2004 ‘Four-ply’, Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York
  ‘Paper’, Emily Tsingou Gallery, London
  ‘Stategies of Desire’, Kunsthaus Baselland, Basel
  Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy
  ‘Angelo Filomeno, Simon Periton, Philip Taaffee, Francesco Vezzoli, Gorney Bravin + Lee’, New York
2003 ‘Guided by heroes’, a project by Z33, Hasselt
  ‘Cut Out’, Barbara Gross Galerie, Munich
  Contemporary British Art Exhibition, Mucsarnok Kunsthalle
  ‘Twilight’, Gimpel Fils, London
  ‘Post Flat’, Lock, Philadelphia
  ‘Rendered’, Sara Meltzer Gallery, New York
2002 Summer Exhibition, Kagan Martos Gallery
2001 ‘Tailsliding’, Kunsthall, Bergen (British Council touring exhibition. Touring to Kunsthall, Bergen; Centre of Contemporary Art, Vilnius; Museum of Contemporary Art, Tallinn; House of Artists, Brno; Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade; Turku Art Museum, Turku)
  ‘A new horizon’, Art:Concept, Paris
  ‘City Racing 1988-1998: a partial account’, ICA, London
  ‘SchattenRisse/Shadows, Silhouettes and Cut-outs’, Lenbbachaus Kunstbau, Munich
  ‘The Multiple Store’, New Art Centre Sculpture Park & Gallery, Salisbury
  ‘Dead’, The Roundhouse, London
2000 ‘Konfrontace’, Czech Centre, London
  ‘INNER CITY PRESSURE’, Galerie No-D (roxy), Prague (curated by Radek Vana)
  ‘Hoxton HQ’, Sadie Coles HQ at Hoxton House, London
1999 ‘Show It Off’, Art.TM Gallery, Inverness
  ‘NewOldTown’, Casey Kaplan, New York (curated by Liam Gillick)
  ‘Limit Less’, Galerie Krinzinger, Vienna (curated by Matthew Higgs)
  ‘Natural Dependency’, Jerwood Space, London
  ‘Phillip Treacy- Autumn/Winter 1999 Collection’, New York Fashion and London Fashion Week, New York/London (collaboration on hat design)
  ‘Gallery Swap’, Sadie Coles HQ at Contemporary Fine Arts, Berlin
  ‘European Factory’, Villa delle Rose, Bologna
1998 ‘Inbreeder’, Collective Gallery, Edinburgh
  ‘Secret Victorians: Contemporary Artists and a 19th Century Vision’, Firstsite, Colchester
  ‘Kettle Blue’, Galerie Beaux Arts, Luxembourg
  ‘Multiple Store’, ICA, London (inaugural show)
  ‘View Four’, Mary Boone Gallery, New York (curated by Clarissa Dalrymple)
  ‘Lovecraft’, South London Gallery, London
1997 ‘B.o.n.g.o.’, Bricks and Kicks, Vienna
  ‘Space Oddities’, Canary Wharf Window Gallery, London
  ‘Snowflakes Falling on the International Dateline’, Casco Projects, Utrecht
  ‘Fish and Chips’, Diverse Works, Houston (TX)
  ‘Landy, Periton, Simpson’, Habitat, Manchester
  ‘619 KBB 75, Mobile 2000’, Laurence Hazout, Paris
  ‘Victoria’, Laurent Delaye Gallery, London
  ‘Imprint 93’, Norwich Gallery, Norwich
  Zone Photographic Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne
1996 ‘21 Days of Darkness’, Transmission, Glasgow
  ‘Supastore De Luxe’, Up & Co, New York
1995 ‘Imprint 93’, City Racing, London
1994 ‘WM Karaoke’, Portikus, Frankfurt
1993 ‘Van de Siecle’, London
1992 ‘Modern Art’, Seven Sisters, London
1990 ‘A Summerplace’, Salama Caro, London (curated by Stuart Morgan)



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Exhibition Reviews

2013 ‘Simon Periton "The Rose Engine" at The Modern Institute’, Mousse Blog, 06/03/2013


2012 Simon Periton, Bombyx Mori, firstsite, Essex
2008 Simon Periton, Walther Koenig, Cologne
2003 Simon Periton, SCHQ; TMI; Inverleith House
  Simon Periton, (monograph), Sadie Coles HQ, London
2002 Royal Academy Illustrated 2002, Royal College of Art, London
1998 Secret Victorians: Contemporary Artists and a 19th Century Vision, Hayward Publishing, London
  Simon Periton, Camden Arts Centre, London

Exhibition Publications

2012 Simon Periton Bombyx Mori, firstsite, Essex
2011 Made in the UK: Contemporary Art from the Richard Brown Baker Collection, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence (Exhibition catalogue)
2005 Ideal Worlds: New Romanticism in Contemporary Art, Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt, Frankfurt
2004 Sabine, Strategies of Desire, Kunsthalle Basel, Basel
2002 My Head is on Fire but my Heart is Full of Love, Charlottenborg Exhibition Hall, Copenhagen
  The Unhomely, Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge
2001 Patterns of Life, Museum Schloss Hardenberg, Velbert
  Tailsliding, British Council, London
1999 Officina Europa/ European Factory, Villa delle Rose, Bologna
1997 Fish and Chips, Diverse Works Artspace, Houston
1996 Co-operators, Southampton City Art Gallery, Southampton
1995 We are Medi(eval), Portikus, Frankfurt am Main
1993 Van de Siecle, Lisson Gallery, London
1992 Modern Art, Seven Sisters, London
1990 A Summerplace, Salamo Caro, London
  Strange Spectacle, Gallerie 217, Frankfurt am Main