Simon Starling
‘Pictures for an Exhibition’

Simon Starling, Pictures for an Exhibition, 2013-2014, #3 of 36 Constantin Brancusi, Torso of a Young Woman (1918).
36 framed gelatin silver prints
115 x 90 cm each

In Pictures for an Exhibition, Simon Starling charts both a history and a network. Addressing two vintage installation photographs of an exhibition of works by Constantin Brancusi, which was held at The Arts Club of Chicago in 1927, Starling traces the pathways of the nineteen sculptures visible in these images from the moment of the exhibition until today. His journeys were both geographic– he covered over a dozen cities, visiting libraries and archives, as well as twelve different private collections and public institutions that currently house the Brancusi sculptures–and archival–he intensively researched the provenance of each sculpture and recorded the resulting stories in this volume. The gelatin silver prints on view at The Arts Club were made with two 8 x inch Deardorff plate cameras, the same Chicago built brand that was used for the original installation photographs of the 1927 exhibition.

Janine Mileaf, Director of The Arts Club, Chicago, 2014