Sue Tompkins ‘Claude Cahun/ Sue Tompkins’

Sue Tompkins, Untitled, 2011, Typewritten text on newsprint, fabric, Dimensions variable, Installation view, Inverleith House, Edinburgh, 2011
Inverleith House, Edinburgh

Inverleith House is delighted to present these two exhibitions; on the ground floor there is new work by Sue Tompkins, whilst on the first floor is the first UK museum survey of photographs by Claude Cahun (1894-1954). On the lower-ground floor is a continuous screening of the documentary about Claude Cahun by Lizzie Thynne (2004) and associated archival and biographical material

Sue Tompkins is a sound and visual artist who studied painting at the Glasgow School of art, graduating in 1994. Tompkins has recieved international recognition for her work which often employs language in the form of typewritten text pieces and through live performances. She is currently represented in the survey exhibition, British Art Show 7 ‘In the Days of the Comet’ (Hayward Gallery, touring) and was formerly a member of the Glasgow – based art collective Elizabeth Go and the band Life Without Buildings. Her work for Inverleith House takes the form of live performance, typewritten text pieces and fabric works. Each element of her work being linked by the repetitive, performative actions that are utilised in their production.

Below is an extract from ‘Hallo Welcome To Keith Street’ which was performed at the opening of the exhibition of Saturday 26th February 2011.

thinking standing on a lily pad. standing potentially on that new pad a water lily spread not a pond but seems that way Val a ha la hola lao cha cha la (time) unlocked January spent february alive march stood up april released may confused june pleased july loved august cleared around september please girls october looked upwards november accessewd it december came home