Tobias Madison

Born 1985, Basel; Lives in New York.


2011 Bachelor of Fine Arts (Photography), Zurich University of the Arts (ZHDK)

Solo Exhibitions

2018 ‘O Vermelho do Meio-Dia’, Freedman Fitzpatrick, Los Angeles
  ‘Dream House NYC’, Svetlana Gallery, New York
2017 ‘Crisis Tourism’, Solo Shows, São Paulo
  ‘Crisis Tourism’, The Modern Institute, 14—20 Osborne Street, Glasgow
2016 ‘Rotting Wood: the Dripping Word: Shūji Terayama’s "Kegawa no Marii"’, MoMA PS1, New York (with Matthew Lutz-Kinoy, part of Sunday Sessions)
  ‘das blut, im fruchtfleisch gerinnend beim birnenbiss’, Kestnergesellschaft, Hannover
  ‘Screening of The West Coast Affair (2015) – a United Brothers film’, Galerie Francesca Pia, Zurich
2015 Galerie Francesca Pia, Zurich
2014 ‘Frieze Projects’, Frieze Art Fair, London
  ‘Deficiency Depletion’, Freedman Fitzpatrick, Los Angeles
  ‘Life & the Invitation& Vapour in Debri&’, The Modern Institute, 14—20 Osborne Street, Glasgow (with Emanuel Rossetti, Stefan Tcherepnin)
2013 ‘Drip Event’, The Power Station, Dallas (with Emanuel Rossetti, Stefan Tcherepnin)
  ‘NO; NO; H E P’, Kunsthalle Zurich, Zurich
  ‘talktalktalk’, The Green Gallery, Milwaukee (with Kaspar Muller)
2012 ‘Tcca New Theater 2012-2013 APN Research あぷん autoslides #1-3shindisi home videos the deleted scene a fanzine as a museum / a museum as a fanzinecut-out bin / apnegative sci-fi sounds from the alienated kitchen OOO &&& LLL hc r 1’, Kunsthalle Bern, Bern (curated by Tobias Madison & Emanuel Rossetti)
  ‘Art Futures’, Hong Kong Art Fair, Hong Kong (with Emanuel Rossetti)
  ‘Feedback’, Karma International, Zurich
  ‘Fatuma Osman’, Sammlung Haubrok, Berlin
  ‘Tomorrow’, Tomorrow Gallery, Toronto
2011 ‘Digital Justice’, The Vanity, Los Angeles
  TONGEWÖLBE T25, Ingolstadt
2010 ‘Drawings’, Haus Konstruktiv Stiftung für konstruktive und konkrete Kunst, Zurich
  ‘Solo Presentation at Frame’, Frieze Art Fair, London (with Karma International)
  ‘DO IT DO IT DO IT’, Kunstverein, Munich
  ‘Aeurasia’, Kunst Raum Riehen, Riehen
  ‘Hydrate+Perform/Yes I Can! The Movie: A Preview’, Swiss Institute, New York
2009 ‘That Leaf! That Mushroom! That Palm Tree!’, Karma International, Zurich (with Ida Ekblad)
  ‘Yes I Can!’, Cardenas Bellanger, Paris
2008 ‘Yes I Can!’, Galerie du Jour, Paris
  ‘Tomorrow’, Tomorrow Gallery, Toronto

Group Exhibitions

2018 ‘Security Landscapes’, DREI, Cologne
2016 ‘The Hellstrom Chronicle’, Galerie Barbara Weiss
  ‘Your Memories are our Future’, Manifesta 11 Parallel Event, Zurich, with Emanuel Rossetti, curated by Julien Fronsacq and Scipio Schneider
  ‘The Promise of Total Automation’, Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna
  ‘Almanach 16’, Le Consortium, Dijon
  ‘TEAM 404’, Zabriskie Point, Geneva
  ‘Use/User/Used’, Zabludowicz Collection, London
  ‘Blackboxing’, Room East, New York
2015 ‘X-Mas Show’, Galerie Francesca Pia, Zurich
  ‘Artists' voices’, Centre d'edition contemporaine, Geneva
  ‘Welcome to the Jungle’, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin
  ‘Signal Failure’, Pace Gallery, New York
  ‘Group Show’, Galerie Francesca Pia, Zurich
  ‘DIE MARMORY SHOW II’, Deborah Schamoni, Munich
  ‘Kitchen Show, Pot au Fou’, Troedsson Villa, Nikko, Japan
  ‘An Earthquake at the Racetracks’, Museo De La Ciudad De Mexico, Mexico City
2014 ‘Haggard Caravan’, Hepworth Wakefield, Wakefield (with Emanuel Rossetti and Stefan Tcherepnin)
2013 ‘From Morn 'Till Midnight’, Supportico Lopez, Berlin
  ‘Farming in Europe’, New Theater, Berlin
  ‘curated by_vienna 2013, Why Painting Now?’, Galerie Emanuel Layr, Vienna (curated by Bart van der Heide)
  ‘Carnegie International’, Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh
  ‘Speculations on Anonymous Materials’, Fridericianum, Kassel
  ‘Speculations on Anonymous Materials’, Fridericianum, Kassel
  ‘Homes and Gardens’, Freedman Fitzpatrick, Los Angeles
  ‘Noa Noa’, Metro Picture Gallery, New York
  ‘Riotous Baroque From Cattelan to Zurbaran’, Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Bilbao
  ‘Version Control’, Arnolfini, Bristol (curated by Axel Wielder)
  ‘Liquid Autist’, Kraupa-Tuskany Ziedler, Berlin
  ‘November Issue’, Mathew Gallery, Berlin
2012 ‘Unnatural’, Bass Museum of Art, Miami Beach
  ‘Cluster’, 1m3, Lausanne
  ‘Deftig Barock’, Kunsthaus Zürich, Zurich
  ‘A CUP FUL SKULL’, Istituto Svizzero, Milan (curated by Fluck|Paulus)
  ‘A strangely luminous bubble’, HEAD Haute Ecole d'Art et Design, Geneva (curated by Marta-Riniker-Radich)
  ‘Shake'n'Bake’, Praz-Dellavalade, Paris (curated by Hard Hat)
2011 ‘Glee’, Blum and Poe Gallery, Los Angeles
  ‘Vermessung der Welt’, Kunsthaus Graz, Universalmuseum Joanneum, Graz
  ‘Corso Multisala’, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen
  ‘The Confidence Man’, Tanya Leighton, Berlin
2010 ‘Aeurasia’, Kunst Raum Riehen, Riehen
  ‘Suppose it is true after all? What then? Matthias Faldbakken, Tobias Madison & Ryan Trecartin’, Johann Berggren Gallery, Malmo (curated by Asgeir Skotnes)
  ‘Turbo Props’, The Institute of Social Hypocracy, Paris (curated by Oliver Laric)
  ‘Of Objects, Fields and Mirros’, Kunsthaus Glarus, Glarus (curated by Daniel Baumann)
  ‘On Publications, Portraits, Public Art and Performance’, The Modern Institute, 14—20 Osborne Street, Glasgow (curated by Daniel Baumann)
  ‘Quick Brown Fox and Lazy Dog’, Karma International, Zurich
  ‘Mike, Alec or Rufus ("Tom, Dick or Harry")’, Layr Wuestenhagen Contemporary, Vienna
2009 ‘Never on a Sunday’, Tbilisi 6, Tbilisi (curated by Daniel Baumann)
  ‘Regionale 10’, Kunsthalle Basel, Basel
  ‘Une exposition de peinture’, Zoo Galerie, Nantes (curated by Aude Launay)
  ‘HAW-LIN’, Galerie Nicolas Krupp, Basel
  ‘Event Horizon’, Raster, Warsaw (curated by Karma International)
  ‘The Swisscube’, Istituto Svizzero, Rome (curated by Salvatore Lacagnina)
  ‘Prose pour des Esseintes’, Karma International, Zurich
  ‘Video Presentation’, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris
  ‘The World is our Culture’, The Ettore Sottsass Museum, Zurich
2008 ‘Regionale 9’, Ausstellungsraum Klingental, Basel
  ‘Video Presentation’, Centre Culturel Suisse, Paris
  ‘Hyper: Tobias Madison, Emanuel Rossetti and Vittorio Brodmann’, Schalter, Basel
  ‘The Last Panda Just Died’, The Ettore Sottsass Museum, Zurich
2007 ‘Regionale 8’, Kunsthalle Basel, Basel
  ‘Every Day Is Saturday’, Tbilisi 4, Nato Vachnadze, Tbilisi
  ‘Used Future and Nieves Zine Store’, Art Basel, Basel



2016 Madison, Tobias : Hey Motherfuckers, Here is Your Generational Novel. Tobias Madison on Seth Price‘s Novel ‘FUCK SETH PRICE‘, Texte zur Kunst, 04/04/2016
  Jacob Korczynski: ‘In Conversation with Matthew Lutz-Kinoy and Tobias Madison’, Flash Art, Fall 2016
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2009 ‘Geneva. Bridges and Tunnels. Hard Hat’, Artforum International, December 2009
  ‘Top Ten. New Jerseyy’, Artforum International, November 2009

Exhibition Reviews

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2015 NO; NO; H E P, JRP|Ringier, Zurich
2013 The Swiss Institute Experience 2006-2013, Swiss Institute with JRP Ringier, New York
2012 << Drawings >>, 978-3-906011, Switzerland
  Morris, Polly: Inside/Outside, Milwaukee, 2012
2010 Madison, Tobias: DO IT TO DO IT, Munich, 2010