Victoria Morton ‘Tapestry (RADIO ON)’

Installation view, 'Tapestry (RADIO ON)', Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston, 2012
Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston

Victoria Morton draws from the instinctive vocabulary of abstraction to renew our sense of perception and of the real. Her canvases are densely detailed with layered watercolor-like washes of oil and thicker brushstrokes and repeated gestures that invite viewers to look carefully. Initially appearing purely abstract, her work reveals traces of figures and movement with slight changes in light or position. Objects included in the exhibition were part of the expanded space of the paintings. A ladder, or a drum, or a dress, became something functional in a new way. These objects created an environment for the paintings and add a performative dimension.

“Morton wants to make an Abstract Art that is connected to everyday life. This is her ideal kind of painting. It is emotional. To Morton, cutting up an apple can mean the same thing as putting paint on a canvas. It is an assured and instinctive gesture. Visitors will see connections between Morton’s work and the Gardner collection, particularly when exploring the context of the unique and surprising adjacencies present in Isabella Gardner’s continuous installation,” said Pieranna Cavalchini, Gardner Museum Curator of Contemporary Art.