Jeremy Deller ‘Warning Graphic Content’

Installation view 'Warning Graphic Content', The Modern Institute, Aird's Lane, Glasgow, 2021
The Modern Institute, 3 Aird's Lane, Glasgow

‘Warning Graphic Content’, brings together all of Jeremy Deller’s print and poster works from 1993-2021. It will be exhibited in two locations concurrently, at The Modern Institute, Glasgow and at Art : Concept, Paris.

List of works:

The Golden Pangolin
Fuck You 2020
Prince Harry Kills Me
Welcome to the Shitshow
Pricks in Porsches
Thank God For Immigrants
How to leave Facebook
Farage in Prison
Bless This Acid House
Strong and Stable My Arse
I Miss The World of Twist
An Immigrant Saving a Racist’s Life x 500,000
Tax Avoidance Kills
Cronyism is English for Corruption
What Is The City, But The People?
It is World Human Rights Day
Animal Vegetable Pop Music
Marmite on toast I
I Love Melancholy
Every age has its own fascism
Come friendly bombs and fall on Eton
Aneria Thomas age 5, the first baby born on the NHS
Do Not Eat Octopus
I blame the Industrial Revolution
Freetail Dub
Lang lebe Jaki Liebzeit
Some Londoners
English Magic circa 1990
The Problem with Humans
Stonehenge in the early morning fog
Artist’s impression of Lachlan Murdoch’s home in Sydney, Australia on fire
London & on & on
A is for Beethoven
We’re Here Because We’re Here
Brian Epstein Died for You
Meet the Hand Axes
A photograph of David Cameron on a holiday in South Africa paid for by the Apartheid Government (1989)
Life/Live, Muscle Man
There’s a new sensation
More Poetry Is Needed
The grabbing hands grab all they can
English Magic II
Keep your ’lectric eyes on me babe
The Art of Baggy
I’d Rather Be Reading
Keith Moon Matters
Profile of William Morris detected on a standing stone at Avebury Wiltshire
Golden Years A Decade of David 1970-1980
Every Little Helps
Keith Moon A Retrospective
RIP English Magic
He’s A Rainbow
Doctor David Kelly
I Blame the Internet
Time before shopping
Local Artist
Life/Live, Richey
I can see a bicycle
Send Bat sounds to Dub Reggae Producers
Attention all DJs
John Squire: Recent Paintings
Why BA?
From the river to the sea
Together 4 Ever
I Love Patrick Caulfield
Roxy Music
What Would Neil Young Do?
Life/Live, Your Enemies
Odds and Sods
Rejected Tube Map Cover Illustration
La Naissance de Modernisme
I Can’t Go On Mum
Life/Live, Coke
Home Sweet Home
I am here representing the Quaker (Excerpt from Memory Bucket)
Life/Live, Shaun Ryder & Bez
Live at Leeds
Minutemen tracklisting
A Range Rover crushed and made into a bench
Jeremy Deller England
Lang lebe Holger Czukay
Swedenborg series
Ian Brown
Life/Live Riot
The History of the World
Bats of America
World War Ended in 1963
Jeder Engländer ist eine Insel
Morrissey: A Life in Words
Yacht Identification Guide
You treat this place like a Hotel
I’ve Got The Power
To Live is to Dream

Jeremy Deller (b.1966, London; lives and works in London) studied Art History at the Courtauld Institute and at Sussex University. Deller won the Turner Prize in 2004 for his work ‘Memory Bucket’, and represented Britain in the 55th Venice Biennale in 2013. He has been producing projects over the past three decades which have influenced the conventional map of contemporary art.

With thanks to BUILDHOLLYWOOD for their support on a series of street posters produced to coincide with the exhibition.