Monika Sosnowska
Tom Emerson, Martin Waldmeier, Nina Zimmer
31.5 x 23 cm
Swiss-bound softcover

Models play a vital role in Monika Sosnowska’s creative process. Made from simple materials such as paper, cardboard, wood and wire, Sosnowska uses hand-made models as a means to develop sculptural forms and explore the relationship between sculpture, architecture, and experience. In a photo essay about her models, curated by the artist herself, Sosnowska gives unprecedented insight into her practice. Published on the occasion of Sosnowska’s solo exhibition at Zentrum Paul Klee, her use of models is contextualized by two new essays by Martin Waldmeier and Tom Emerson alongside an index of selected models, spanning several decades of projects realized by the artist.

Published by Verlag fur moderne Kunst, Nurnberg
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