‘The Voyage Out’

Marc Hundley
With texts by Matt Wolf, Ian Hundley, Marc Hundley
‘The Voyage Out’
352 pages
26 x 24.2 cm

An eclectic survey of Marc Hundley’s artistic output from the mid-90s to present day.

The first comprehensive monograph on New York–based artist and designer Marc Hundley, The Voyage Out chronicles the development of his work since 1993, the year in which Hundley first moved to the city to model for Vogue. Hundley works across disciplines, with his interests extending from print culture and fine art painting to carpentry and design. In line with this multifaceted approach, the book disregards categorical hierarchies, presenting posters, gifts and ephemera in the same manner as paintings, furniture and clothing. The publication features an interview conducted by filmmaker Matt Wolf with the artist’s bother, Ian, tracing an alternate history of Hundley’s life and career, and selected texts by Hundley himself, which provide further insight into his wide-ranging practice. Co-published with Canada, New York.

Published by The Modern Institute/Toby Webster Ltd, Glasgow
ISBN 978-1-915832-02-3
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