Cathy Wilkes
‘Sea of Galilee’

Cathy Wilkes, Sea of Galilee, 2009, Mixed media, Dimensions variable
Mixed media
Dimensions variable

Especially the use of geometry as a way of measuring relations to the forces of nature which are shown in the work ( living, born,
dead,consciousness,movement,etc)? This provides a structure for this very abstract work. There never any representation of a scenario in the work although that can appear there for moment ; it’s an abstract consideration of the elements and relations which are experienced . For example , objects and surfaces, which are strongly, intensely brought about in the work, I can identify these quite separately from one another as I’m working . How alien they can be to one another, at the same time part of a kosmos (the work)
The measurement of suffering which I have referred to before; to nurse someone who is dyIng, and to try to die with them, to experience the vantage of dying while still be alive ;this is important in this work. And the relation which is measured there which can be applied to all objects experienced by a living person.