Martino Gamper ‘Chair Lift’

Installation view 'Chair Lift' (with Peter McDonald), Showroom Moroso, Milan, 2014
Showroom Moroso, Milan

Intersections of sensorial density, disembodied chromatic surfaces concretely inscribed in everyday life.
Inside the drawings of Peter McDonald the distinctive marks in the traits of people do not appear: men and women are sensitive entities open to the invisible flow of relationships that permeate space. A loss of appearance which does not generate conformity but, on the contrary, reveals with plain simplicity, unmapped explorative trajectories.

The installation, however, does not suggest a rule or a key to interpretation, but rather offers an example of how to experience the represented projections of a parallel and temporary place. Seated, we find ourselves necessarily involved in a space that resets the distance: we are in the things (part of) the world