‘Thank You Very Much in residence at The Modern Institute’

The Modern Institute, 3 Aird's Lane, Glasgow

Colm Peare. 'On The Eastern Tent Caterpillar'

Part 1
A hole in the sky / is open / A hole in the sky / is wider / a hole in the sky / is yours
Peter Basma-Lord, Il Colorifico, Nick Evans, Clare Quilty, Alys Owen, Caitlin Merrett King, Tamara MacArthur, Hannah Reynolds, Clara Ursitti

2 – 17 February 2018
Opening event Friday 2 February 7pm until late

Part 2
push it / push it again / and again / push it through
25 February – 10 March
Opening event: Saturday 24 February

Part 3
you do you / do you?
Closing Event Saturday: 17 March 2018

Thank You Very Much is Marco Giordano, Aymeric Tarrade, Caitlin Merrett King and Mark McQueen, a group of artists based in Glasgow who organise exhibitions and events. Since 2016 TYVM have hosted performance nights and exhibitions at 16 Nicholson Street, The Pipe Factory, Crownpoint Studios and David Dale Gallery in Glasgow, and Suede gallery in Edinburgh, inviting performers, artists and curators at various stages in their career to participate in their events, with a view to always maintaining a collaborative approach.