Marc Hundley ‘The Same Different Game’

Installation view Marc Hundley, 'The Same Different Game', Aird's Lane Bricks Space, 2018
The Modern Institute, Aird's Lane Bricks Space

Marc Hundley - The Same Different Game - Press Release

‘The Same Different Game’ – the title of Marc Hundley’s first exhibition at The Modern Institute – alludes to a sense of indefinable change, a feeling of daily existence and routines remaining indistinguishable from the day before and yet, essentially seen and felt in a wholly different way. Hundley’s new body of work encapsulates this turn – individual and often solitary instances of quiet significance, memorialising everything from simple and banal acts of walking home alone, to moments of loss and longing.

Three large hand-printed canvases hang framed on the gallery walls along with several smaller works on paper. Their imagery and text make reference to books the artist has read, images he’s seen, and music he’s listened to, all physical manifestations of Hundley’s private experiences. With each work, Hundley continually notes on the surface the date and location of where he encountered or experienced the original. The pairing of these cultural sources with recorded time and place acknowledge the inextricable connections we make between art and ourselves.

At the centre of the space, Hundley has placed a hand-made bench, evoking perhaps a bus stop, inviting viewers to sit down and stay. Hundley generously constructs a meditative environment in which his pieces and the commonality that ties them together can be experienced. An element of stillness pervades the space, the works and their surroundings encouraging a state of reflection.

Marc Hundley (Born 1971, Toronto; Lives and works in New York) has exhibited numerous solo and group exhibitions. Select solo exhibitions include: ‘New Music’, CANADA, New York (2016), ‘The Waves, The Body Alone’, Team Gallery, New York (2013), Matt Connors & Marc Hundley, Herald St, London (2012), Team Gallery, New York (2011; Joan Baez is Alive Art Since The Summer Of ’69’, Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney.

Huntley has participated in group exhibitions at White Columns, New York; Printed Matter, New York; Cherry and Martin, Los Angeles; Venus Over Manhattan, New York; amongst others.

This is Hundley’s first solo exhibition with The Modern Institute.