Katja Strunz ‘Sound of the Pregeometric Age’

Katja Strunz, Sound of the Pregeomatic Age, 2009, Mixed media and sound, Dimensions variable, Installation view, 'Sound of the Pregeometric Age', Camden Arts Centre, London, 2009
Camden Arts Centre, London

Berlin-based artist Katja Strunz presents a new installation that has evolved from her reaction to the space — in particular the sound which resonates from the road outside. Central to the installation are a group of figurines or ‘musicians’ made from found objects, including candlesticks, Turkish ashtrays, cymbals and hotel reception bells. Collectively they bring to mind an alternative brass band, or a quizzical audience, surveying the rest of the exhibition and occasionally showing their appreciation of it.

Strunz is interested in the resonance of history, what she has called ‘aftermath’, and with the enfolding of time and space. Using outmoded curiosities, and employing various techniques, such as collage and mimesis, Strunz’s installations and sculptures act like trauma or memory; disrupting our linear perception of time.