Marc Hundley

Born 1971, Toronto, Canada; Lives and works in New York.

Current & Forthcoming

2020 ‘I Wish It Were Raining’, Ratio 3, San Francisco

Solo Exhibitions

2019 ‘Under The Net’, CANADA, New York
2018 ‘The Same Different Game’, The Modern Institute, Aird's Lane Bricks Space
2017 ‘Island’, 23 Washington Square North, New York
  ‘Circus of Sour’, Teen Party, New York
2016 ‘New Music’, CANADA, New York
2015 ‘California’, Look Up Gallery, California
2013 ‘The Waves, The Body Alone’, Team Gallery, New York
2011 ‘Joan Baez is Alive’, Team Gallery, New York
  ‘Dictionary’, Art Since The Summer Of '69, New York
  ‘March 3, in collaboration with Rainoff’, Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney

Group Exhibitions

2019 ‘Canada b/w Drag City’, Soccer Club Club, Chicago
  ‘Object & Thing’, 99 Scott, Brooklyn
2018 ‘Tell Him What He Said’, One Mile Gallery, New York
2015 ‘Program: Alex Bag and Marc Hundley’, Team Gallery, New York
2014 ‘Joyride’, Marlborough Chelsea, New York
2013 ‘Signs and Messages II’, Kate Macgarry, London
  ‘Turns - Possibilities of Performance’, Gallerie Allen, Paris
  ‘The Cat Show (curated by Rhonda Lieberman)’, White Columns, New York
2012 ‘Marc Hundley & Ross Knight’, Frieze Art Fair, New York
  ‘Bulletin Boards (curated by Matthew Higgs)’, Venus Over Manhattan, New York
  ‘Between Two States: Marc Hundley + Andrew Long’, Ed. Varie, New York
  ‘Look Here, Upon This Picture’, Cherry and Martin, Los Angeles
  ‘Matt Connors / Marc Hundley’, Herald St, London
  ‘*95 (In Paris, the Outsiders are Officially In), organised by Rainoff’, Neon Parc, Melbourne
  ‘Bootleg T-Shirt Show’, Printed Matter, New York
2011 ‘I Sent My Love A Red, Red Rose: Marc Hundley, Donald Urquhart, and Jean-Luc Verna’, Team Gallery, New York
2010 ‘Sweat (curated by Fabienne Stephan and Marilyn Minter)’, Patricia Low Contemporary, Gstaad
2009 ‘A SONG FOR THOSE IN SEARCH OF WHAT THEY CAME FOR’, Bellwether Gallery, New York
2008 ‘Matt Connors, Marc Hundley and Michael Stickrod’, Cherry and Martin, Los Angeles
2003 ‘Be In’, Rivington Arms, New York
2002 ‘The First Show’, Rivington Arms, New York